What is GotoNote.com?

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GotoNote.com is an ahead-of-its-time virtual platform developed with the sole purpose of providing its community with a simple, easy to understand interface for note capture, retrieval and delivery. From veritably any system, device, mainframe or construct a note can be transcribed, intercepted and amalgamated with GotoNote.com. Don't believe us? Well, it's true. Example: You're late for a meeting and need to inform your friend's neighbor to feed the dog. Problem? Not with GotoNote.com. Simply access our portal from any system, subsystem or hypersystem and your dog is as good as fed. The instant your note has been submitted, you are presented with a passcode which you can relay to your friend. They simply return to our domain, enter the passcode, and retrieve their message. Impossible you decry. Possible we reply. With so many options, please use our services anyway you want, but make sure you want any of our services you use.

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